Things That I Hate

Parents Leaving

I’ve known my mother my whole life. She was the only person who really, fully understood me. Up until I was 12, she just randomly left my family and me. I took it as she had early and then late shifts at work, until it went on for weeks and slowly progressing into months. I had found out she just left… She never returned my calls, never made an effort to give me an explanation as to why she had chosen to leave. 4 months later, after it taking 2 months for me to figure out her departure, she called me and we had a normal conversation as if nothing had happened. It pained me to hear her voice. I am now your average 14 year old girl, it still hurts till this day that I can’t see her as much as I would like (which I see her every 3–4 months), and I now fully understand every individuals pain who have to go through this. People, please make every minute last with your parents. It’d help you a lot in the long run.

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