Things That I Hate

People Who Get Offended By Blonde Jokes

Don’t get offended! And yes, we know that having blonde hair doesn’t mean you’re stupid. I think the people that make up the jokes know that too. Some jokes are really funny. And I’m not saying I agree with the jokes at all, I’m just saying they aren’t true, but some of them are pretty funny. And one time I cracked a brunette joke I heard that made everybody laugh. Including the brunettes. And guess what? I’m a brunette. I laughed. Because I know it’s not true, so that’s why I laugh about it and choose not to be offended. So you can either choose to be offended, or you can laugh with everybody else. Because everyone’s equal, and hair color doesn’t matter. Take a joke.


  1. It’s not that we get offended. It’s that we get annoyed because you’re constantly telling jokes at our expense. And it’s always about how “stupid” we are. You try listening to joke after joke about your stupidity and see if you don’t get annoyed.

    • by Hannah
    • 28 July 2011, 12:47 PM

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