Things That I Hate

When People Blame Me for Everything

I’m not sure why, because I don’t have a reputation for stealing! When I was 5, my grandma thought I stole her diamond ring! As if I could magically grow 5 inches, reach up, use my magical lock-picking fingers, and steal her ring! Two days later, she found her ring in her purse. Oh, wait, that’s not all! Our TV remote batteries went missing, and I guess the first thing my mom thought was: Oh, my 7-year-old must have stolen it! Five bucks went missing from my dad’s wallet. Oh, my 9-year-old daughter must have stolen it! Later on he found out that my 12-year-old brother with an actual reputation for stealing had taken it, and had been taking money from his wallet for years! AND THEY STILL GROUNDED ME! Why do they always blame me?!

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