Things That I Hate

Family Members

I am my parents’ oldest daughter, meaning when they’re gone, I have to do any and all housework, while my younger siblings laze around and watch TV. I’m not always doing housework or looking after them, but when I do it’s tiring! It’s even worse in the car. Me and my 11-year old brother fight over who rides shotgun. I’m 14. We have to take turns because he’s “huskier” than I am. My mom even let my 9-year-old sister ride in the front! I didn’t get to ride in the front when I was 9! Does my mom not understand that there are reasons little kids don’t ride up front? If we ever got in a crash, guess who would get hurt? Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and all, but sometimes they can get really stubborn and irritating.

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