Things That I Hate

When People Can’t Own Up To A Mistake

Last night me and my sister’s Wii wouldn’t turn on. In the midst of this problem, my Mom’s friend told us that hers did this once and she left it unplugged for a while, and then she could get it to work. So we agreed to leave it unplugged overnight and see what happened. I told her to unplug it since she was closest to it. But then my mom told her to go take out her dog. So she does, and an hour later we were watching a movie. I thought of the Wii and asked her if she unplugged it. She told me that she hadn’t yet, but she would. So a few hours ago I wanted to play a game, so I tried to turn it on. When it wouldn’t, I checked the outlet, and it was still plugged in. I got mad, but I didn’t say anything, just unplugged it myself. Just now, she asked if the Wii was working, so I said, “No, because you never unplugged it.” Then she shoots into this spaz attack where she screams “I DID NOT FORGET! I KNOW I UNPLUGGED IT! I JUST KNOW IT!” I wouldn’t mind you forgetting so much if you could own up to it and not acuse me of lying.

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