Things That I Hate

When My Boyfriend Talks to the Girl He Used to Like

I absolutely hate when my boyfriend talks to the girl he used to like. The only reason why is because he talks to her more then he talks to me! He also uses her to get me mad like it’s a joke. He’ll say things about how they’ll hook up and he’ll leave me behind. He says it as a joke, but it ticks me off! I’ll write a joke between me and him on his wall and he will reply “?” And when she writes a joke, he replies “hahaha your awaome chat me!” It pisses me off! She has her own boyfriend—why can’t she talk to him? And then he gets his anger out on me and tells me his problems like it’s my fault, but he goes to her and acts all nice!

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  1. It’s time you give serious thought about dumping this boy. And when you do, let him know that this other girl can now put up with his crap because you aren’t!

    Girl, you’re better then letting a guy walk all over you!

    • by Hannah
    • 8 August 2011, 2:24 PM

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