Things That I Hate

Kids Who Grew Up Overprotected

My older sister and I were raised to think that almost everyone was a pedophile. I grew out of it by reading up about it. My parents don’t even want me answering the door—seriously, that’s ridiculous. My sister, who is 16 years old, won’t answer the phone if it’s not a number she knows. Seriously, what are they gonna do? Especially through a phone. It’s just ridiculous, and since I grew up this way I can’t help but think almost every guy older than 40 is creepy.

I hate it, I can answer a door, we have the nicest neighbors surrounding us, I can’t help but think that all nice old men are pedos. Subconsciously I can’t help but think it, I also can’t go too far from my parents because they raised me to always be within, like, 3 feet of them. I feel odd going away when with them. I wish I wasn’t raised like that.

They’re still overprotective. It’s ridiculous, the title of my post is basically saying I hate myself. I hate that subconcious part of my mind and I hate parents who do that to kids mainly.

Yeah, tell kids not to go with strangers, but don’t be too protective, it can be unhealthy. If this doesn’t wear off in a few years I’m gonna need some help with that problem.

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