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I suffer from obesity and it’s ruining my life. I’m 11 years old and just teetering on the edge of 200 pounds. The emotional pain as well as the physical pain are constantly eating at me. Every time I go to my parents saying that maybe they should consult my doctor about a diet and exercise program, they just roll their eyes and tell me that my weight isn’t an issue. Yes it is! I am 99% sure that I’ve fallen into depression (I show every sign of it in the books) because of my weight and my parents won’t do anything to help me lose weight or gain confidence. I live in NYC, so I can’t go play in my back yard, because I don’t have one. I can’t take a walk down the street because my parents won’t go with me and they won’t let me go by myself. They also won’t buy healthier food and are constantly buying junk food. Also, we’re a bit tight on cash, so we can’t afford a treadmill or something. I would have to lose about 100 pounds to have a healthy weight for my age, and how am I going to lose 100 pounds, with no parental support?

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  1. I have sympathy for the feelings of people suffering from obesity, but frankly, this was your fault mostly. There’s always lots of exercise you can do anywhere. Honestly, I eat mostly junk food, but I do 50 press ups and 50 sit ups a night, and am retaining good physical and mental health.

    It’s going to be hard from here, but many people before have beat obesity. So visit a doctor with a teacher or go yourself after school. If you want this so badly, you’ll do what’s necessary instead of making excuses.

    Thank you for reading this and please take into consideration what I have said.

    • by Tim
    • 22 August 2011, 2:40 PM
  2. Honey,

    I really see your point, and you’re very smart thinking you should get help from your parents. You’re only 11 so I think the “If you want this so badly, you’ll do what’s necessary instead of making excuses” line is pointless, you’re still a child so you need help from your family. You’re a child, not a Navy SEAL.

    I’m very sorry you live in a country where healthcare is not free (let’s hope it will be shortly): I live in Italy and we have free healthcare, obesity included (don’t know for how long with the whoremonger mafioso Silvio Berlusconi and his brownose subjects in charge) so I can just tell you to exercise at home and maybe ask your parents if you can join some sports team—try swimming, it’s fun—and call social services: your parents should care about your health, and 200 pounds and 11 years old just can’t be right (unless you are 197 cm tall…)

    A big hug,


    • by Serena
    • 7 September 2011, 1:45 AM

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