Things That I Hate

Strict School Rules

I know we have to go to school because it’s critical for our future, but couldn’t they lighten up on the rules? I understand the no texting part, but not the “no gum” rule, the strict dress code, not being able to stand up at the lunch table, and not bring able to wear flipflops. You think we’re going to dump our gum all over the school and make our school disgusting but the only reason there’s gum under desks is because we want to get rid of the gum before we get in trouble. If there wasn’t a rule for it, the gum would either stay in our mouth or properly be disposed of in a trashcan. Now to the dress code: You leave us basically only being able to wear long skirts and turtle neck shirts. That’s a problem for everybody on a hot day. So, during lunch, I’ll stand up for a slight second and then get yelled at to sit down. The reason for this? “Somebody might push you over and crack your skull open.” Nobody pushes each other at a lunch table. Not being able to wear flipflops is pointless. Apparently it’s not safe because we could trip, fall, and scrape our knees open. Everybody wears flipflops daily! We know how to walk in them. Schools need to stop acting like we’re 2 years old and give us some freedom!

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  1. I agree with everything except that people eat chewing gum in regular society and stick it to railings, etc., even though they are allowed. So the only reason that it’s underneath desks can’t be because you’re not allowed to chew it.

    • by Richard
    • 22 August 2011, 2:31 PM

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