Things That I Hate

Being in Love

I have a best guy friend. He and I have been best friends since we were around seven or eight years old and as we grew older we fell “in love”. Yes, we were young but it happened for the both of us. About six years later (last summer) we started dating and it was the most amazing eight months of my life. Him being my love and best friend, I thought we would last forever… He cheated on me, though. A month later, I was stupid enough to even give him another chance, we started really talking and decided we’d start dating on the same day as last year. The date passed and I knew something was up so I went on his Facebook profile only to find out he had already been in a relationship three days after our set up date… I am still crushed to this day. He said we can and always will be best friends but to be honest, that doesn’t stop my mascara from running all the time, or give me the mind to even bother to eat. This is to any boy or girl who is reading this: cherish what you have and please try to not ruin anything because it can be the best thing you have ever had.

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