Things That I Hate

Kids Who Hate Their Parents

Okay, I get it—you’re young and your parents piss you off. I used to be like that, so yeah, I get it. You complain about how your mom controls your life or won’t let you see some guy that you’ll realize later was a total douche. Then at the same time you’ll be thinking “I’m never gonna treat my kids like that!” Well, you probably will, because, really if you don’t go against your parents so much, you’ll actually turn out better. You may fight and think she’s wrong so when she cries you think she’s just trying to win the fight, but most likely she really is hurt. My mom and I used to fight all the time and I felt so mad at her, but I’m actually glad I listened and learned to talk to her about it, because now I love my mom so much and we get along so much better. Actually, I hope to raise my kids just how she raised me. So everyone, stop hating your parents and try to work it out (unless they’re abusive—get help now) because it’ll be better for both of you in the future.

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  1. No, you don’t know that. You don’t know what some people go through, ass.

    • by no
    • 28 August 2011, 6:15 PM
  2. I’m pretty sure he does. He had those experience before. So have I. I never hated my mom, but I always thought she was a control freak. But she’s not. When I look back I realize that what she was doing was trying keep me from making mistakes that I’ll regret and to protect me. You guys need to give your parents a break, seriously. Your parents have jobs, pay the bills, buy food, and they take care of you at the same time. Kids don’t realize how hard that is, because they’re not in their shoes. Being a parent is hard. They have to raise you for 18 years.

    • by mimi
    • 1 September 2011, 4:38 PM

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