Things That I Hate

My Future Husband

I was with this guy, Chris, for three years. We were engaged and were madly in love. Stuff happened and we broke up for two months. He got a girlfriend and so did I. (Yes, I’m a girl.) But now we’re talking again and we fell in love again. His current girlfriend cheats on him and won’t let him do anything, but he won’t break up with her. We already know we’re getting married and we have decided where we’re going to live and raise our kids, but the stupid idiot won’t leave his slutty girlfriend! I left mine, it wasn’t that hard. What’s worse is that I know he loves me more, he’s with me all day and night 24–7. So it’s not like he’s even ever with her, or talking to her! I just want her gone so we can get our lives back on track!

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