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People Saying Dancing Isn’t a Sport and that Males Who Dance Are Gay

Dance is one of the many arts. I mean, I base it on how you treat the art of it. If you just dance for the fun of it and you don’t exactly love it, I would label it a hobby. If you dance because you absolutely love it, and if it’s your passion, I see nothing wrong in calling it a sport. Why can’t people respect the pure beauty and the grace of it?

I’ve been dancing contemporary since I was 3, and I’m 19 now. That’s about 16 years of hard earned skill for my passion. Heck, I made it to choreography on SYTYCD, season 7. Do you know how much it takes to even get to where many contestants, including myself, were? A lot. I’m not saying everyone should stop saying it’s not a sport, I’m making a point on how people make accusations about it and the people who engage in the activity. Especially how people call the male dancers “gay”. They have so much strength and potential, they enjoy it and love it. It’s a privilege to watch males dance, it really is. Just let them do what they please. We don’t discuss you looking gay as you play football, or say it’s not a sport.

Anything that involves movement/working your muscles in an activity is eligible as a sport. We dancers have our views on our sport, keep your negative opinions to yourself please. You’re talking trash about our passion here.

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