Things That I Hate

People Who Push Gay Rights on Me

I am a devout Christian who reads the Bible each night, and I try to follow it’s guidance to the best of my ability. The Bible says that homosexuality is wrong, so of course I don’t support it. But the Bible also encourages us to be kind and respectful to all sorts of people, so I treat gay people with just as much respect and kindness as any other person. I am even friends with a few gay people. But here’s what really bothers me. Every time there is some planned day when people dress a certain way or do a certain thing to express that they advocate gay rights, and I don’t participate, the people who do treat me like I’m a horrible person. It just seems really hypocritical for the very people who are saying we need to support people who are different from ourselves to be mean to people different from them in personal beliefs.

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