Things That I Hate

Not Enough Cute Guys

I’m in high school, I agreed to date once I’m 16, and I’ll be turning 16 this year. I just don’t know who I could possibly date, because there are only three cute guys in the whole school! Sometimes I think “what’s the big deal with a boyfriend, I’m still young” but I also don’t want my parents to get the wrong idea because I didn’t bring a guy home for dinner. And we’re a small school, so guys could also get that idea, or think I’m snobby because they could ask “she thinks she’s too good for us or what?” since my reply to everyone who asks why I don’t want to date anyone from school is “I don’t think they’re cute.” And it might seem that I’m snobby, but I’m not, and I’m not going to date anybody just to date them without any chemistry there, unlike other people.

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