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Thanks a Heap

I want to go on a trip to Ecuador to help children learn, to help communities that are less fortunate than mine and to make a difference. It’s $3,795 CAD. I know, that’s expensive. You can stop telling me that money doesn’t grow on trees, I’m aware. You can stop yelling at me over this. You’ve spent well over $5,000 dollars to send my sister to both the Dominican Republic and Mexico to stay at some fancy resort. And for what, to take some pictures with some dolphins and get drunk every night? Meanwhile I want to go and help people less fortunate than us and you’re telling me that “Oh, it’s too expensive.” Oh, and if I’m not mistaken you guys bought my sister and yourselves a brand new $3,000 dollar mattress. And my brother-in-law a $4,000 iMac! Didn’t you two also spend about $10,000 dollars to build two giant porches in the front yard and the backyard, but you can’t help me pay $3,000 dollars for a trip to actually make a difference?

Thanks a heap.

P.S. Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents to death but I’m seriously feeling a little mistreated, considering I hardly ask for anything. I’ve never asked for anything this big before.

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