Things That I Hate

My Dad Trying to Communicate with Me

My parents are divorced and have a set schedule, so I always go to my dad’s house at 2:00 on Mondays. Yet my dad always feels the need to call me when I’m enjoying my time with my mom. Every voicemail is the same: “Hey, it’s dad. [Yes, dad, I know it’s you.] Uh, what time can I pick you up tomorrow?” So annoying. I hate checking my voicemail because I have to call it, enter my password, listen to the automated voice go through the old voicemails I’ve ignored, and then listen to the entire message my dad sent. He gets annoyed when I don’t answer his calls in the first place, but talking to him is not fun. So I tell him to text me and he always writes a ton of “!” after everything he says and takes 10 minutes to reply to the texts I answer right away.

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