Things That I Hate

Parents That Fight A Lot

I hate having parents who fight, and most fights are about the stupidest things! Like once my mom took off a fine jewelry bracelet and lightly threw it on the bed, and my dad got so angry because she doesn’t “appreciate” it because she threw it! It’s a bed, nothing can happen to it. The worst part is that when my dad feels like fighting he does it no matter who’s around—the hairdresser, the waiter of a restaurant, the neighbor, or his in-laws. And my sisters and I, all we do is stay quiet. And it’s so awkward I would rather puke. It’s not like we can do anything about it either. One of my earliest memories is them fighting in the street before going into the house, I made a comment to stop everything, and the fight just went on, my mom yelling and crying, and the whole deal. I think if someone asks for divorce three times, it’s not working, dad. Stop making-up and talking people back into their marriage.

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