Things That I Hate

Younger Kids

First off, you’re young so quit whining. Also, it’s a middle school relationship, so no, you aren’t actually in love. Most high school couples don’t last, so don’t even try to go there.

You post stupid complaints like “why does the weather change?”, “why does homework exist?”, “why is Iceland green?” Seriously, you have no idea how stupid you sound. Just look it up. It’s right there.

You think, “oh, I have to dress and look like that for guys to notice me.” Here’s a tidbit of info: if you have to be something you’re not for the attention of some guy, he’s not good enough for you. So stop acting like you’re trying to grow up so fast, because it sucks when you look back and realize how embarrassing you were. Same goes for sex. Don’t do it until you’re at least out of high school, because it definitely helps to have your hormones better balanced.

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