Things That I Hate

Some Things About Facebook

I find Facebook really annoying sometimes. One reason is because of major internet drama. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention annoying girls posting pictures of themselves kissing the air and squishing their breasts tight to make them look bigger, and then duplicating the image at least 10 times. And I found that lots of people post their conversations separately on each other’s walls instead of actually commenting on one box because they want everyone to see what they’re talking about. Also, another annoying thing is people who post stuff like, “OMG! Had so much fun at Jeremy’s partyyyyy ;)” Not trying to be rude, but I don’t really care. Also, why do people have to spam fan pages with “add me”s on each comment box? It seems like people try to add everyone in sight just so they can be popular or something, and yet, out of the hundreds of people they add, they only talk to a few of them. Sorry if some people find this offensive but I’m just stating my opinion.

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