Things That I Hate

Kids With Bad Attitudes

I hate it when kids sass off or act like they run the place. Once I was with my mom and she was watching this little kid and told him to pick up his toy cars because she stepped on them and they would break and the little kid said “no”. She asked him again and he said “but I don’t want to”, then started throwing a fit. I strolled in, he stopped crying and I picked up the cars and put them out of his reach. We have done that with many things but he never seems to learn. Another time he was eating a carrot, shredded it to little pieces and squished it into the rug, and wouldn’t pick it up. His dad (my mom’s boyfriend) was sitting right there and didn’t pick it up. My mom has been cleaning up after them for months and so she went and dragged the vacuum into the living room and vacuumed it up, while both of them just sat there watching.

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