Things That I Hate

When People Take Your Stuff and Don’t Want to Give It Back

Yesterday my friend ticked me off big time because he took my iPod when all I wanted to do was listen to my music, play some games and chill out. But no, he had to take it and put it in his pocket and be all “I don’t have it.” Are you kidding me? I got free time off school and I spent like 30 minutes of it whining at this guy to give me my iPod back. And when I gave him candy in exchange for it, he just took the candy and didn’t give me my iPod back! What do guys think? That taking a girl’s stuff is funny? That she’ll chase you around the school and try to take her stuff back, but instead laugh and hug you? I wanted to relax with my iPod, instead I ended up hurting my hand, and got super annoyed.

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