Things That I Hate


I do not hate people who don’t believe in God, I feel sorry for them. They have no hope at all after they die. Some people say the world was made the scientific way when matter collected. But how did the matter get there? Then people say it was always there. How is that possible? How is something always there? So it was it always there and then randomly just decided to move? The only thing that it could be is a God. A God that loves you and knows you better than anyone else. He doesn’t care what you have done in your life, as long as you believe in him you will live with him forever. I know this sounds sappy and I bet some of you are saying “get real” but this is life. He’s always knocking at your door, you just have to let him in. He brings you so much joy, because I know that anything is possible with God, it is he who gives me strength. My Christmas gift this year would be if you people who are reading this would go to church this Christmas, realize that isn’t celebrating the saviors birth. He loves you, so have joy!

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