Things That I Hate

Getting Stupid Christmas Presents

I hate getting gift cards! Then you’re stuck spending all your money at that one store, and a lot of the time, they get you a small gift card to a really expensive store so it’s useless anyway. I asked my mom to just get me money. She said she wouldn’t do that. Every year, my dad has given me money. This year he decided to get gift cards to Target, and didn’t bother to leave a message with it, or even write the amount. All my grandparents got me is gift cards. I was saving to get a cross trainer, but none of those stores have one for cheap. All I have is $20 in cash. Now I’m in my room, crying, because I’ll never get a cross trainer, and I’ll be fat forever. Also, I won’t make dance or cheerleading next year because I’m so fat.

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